Some resources to end the year....and to start our Decade of Ambition :)

Happy 2020!

Spending three weeks on Vivian’s farm in Chiang Mai, to bid 2019 farewell, and welcome 2020 with a dash of bonfire and new wishes. And, catching up on the COP talks in Madrid, now finished.

The talks make me sad, not even angry, just sad. But also sympathetic for the fatigue that leaders must have faced - losing track of papers and statements. The closing statement made by the Alliance of Small Island States puts it strongly, and well:

But, as COP25 draws to a close and islands wade through and beyond the glitzy public relations and buzzwords, we are astounded. We are appalled and dismayed at the failure to come to a decision on critical issues, the scale of inaction, ineffective processes and some Parties’ yeoman commitment to obstruction and regressive anti-science positions. 

The Decade of Ambition they talk about is starting; do we have what we need for it? In numerology, 2020 is a Foundation year. And January is a month of Change. I.e. I interpret this as 2020 being a year of change, and the more we do, collectively, in January, the more change we will get rolling.

These are some things I’ve been watching and discussing at the Garden, and I think some of you might like this - Retreat resources for your post-Christmas, New Year resolutions pinks and blues!

  • Wisdom of the Body Summit

  • Real Value: documentary film featuring interviews with Dan Ariely and other entrepreneurs - in biofuel, insurance (with protection for kids), an heirloom seed company, a T-shirt company which set up a garden that FEEDS its workers and others. Also a really nice video intro!

  • Basics of Non-violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, in full: Can we learn to switch from Jackal language to Giraffe language, and grow our Giraffe ears?

  • The Game-Changers (Netflix): I’ve heard about this from three people already, who’ve all watched and changed their meal options just from this. It addresses our desires for peak body performance, health, strength - it just happens to explore this through non-meat, plant-based diets.

Pinks and blues, for the new year,