We’re at a tipping point, a pivot, a h-ing-e—

Welcome to The Bi-Monthly Hynng. I write about the future as we’d see it through rose-tinted agroecological lenses - and #futures through the plural, hopeful & generous lenses I wish we could all adopt. Calling out humanity on our fear of stepping into recognition that we are all in dipshit, without seeing that we’re rising above the selfish brats we think we are.

Why read this?

For reassurance. Comfort is not always to be found in the comfortable. Maybe you have a yearning for connection that news media and Instagram is not fulfilling. I know I do, and that is why I write this.

I write in my productive and non-productive times, in times that I cannot bear and times that I am ecstatic. Perhaps you will read this in the times you are at rest, and some words will arrive to uplift or reconnect you with a nuanced light of truth, about our selves, these times.

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How did this begin?

In past years I retreated from showing my personal voice in public space, because I couldn't deal with social media. Too much outward energy for an introvert to organise with others and reach across divides while ALSO thinking about social media. In mid-2019 I found my daily life finally catching up with my desires for a "re-orientation". Which was great. It was about time!

I also thought—and still think—there still isn't enough critical writing about many of issues we're facing around food, farming, and land in the region. (I’m based in Singapore.) Which is really what this is all about.

If you’ll like to check out what else I do, other than write this little letter, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram @fuiin.

Go with peace,
independent research*practice | upcoming (CRU.MB) | formerly full-on for Foodscape Collective’s founding phase


And in time to come

I’m going to keep writing for 10 issues (that's about 5 months, till the end of 2019), then take a break and decide if I should continue. It feels a bit like baring myself and laying myself open - which is what I've been avoiding in the short-form, quick transient form that Facebook evolved into (after Livejournal sort of disappeared and Tumblr became *mostly* Meme Central). Already putting this out here is me getting beyond a hump of self-consciousness. So just sign up already!

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Fortnightly moments

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In the meantime, I love that this is going to people who read and feel nourished by it. I would love if you forward this to your friends - and if you’d dip into the archive!